April 29, 2017 Druid Linda General

We had the most amazing Beltane Festival this year! The celebration took place on April 28th, at Unity of Sedona. We did it a bit differently this year. We had a few stations, more like festival-style…. including Shari Silvey – a psychic reader , Jean Marie – a face painter, Roger Blakiston – a magician (who also happens to be an amazing poet), and the best fiddler ever, Scott Jeffers. It was very cool and windy out so we couldn’t have a real fire, although I still used a covered candle on the altar as part of the ritual. After a time at the stations, we had a short skit and ceremony for the planting of our new Unity garden. Then we danced the Maypole.¬†And after our Maypole Dance, we decided to reconvene in the Fellowship Hall for more music and dancing. People stayed and danced for almost 2 hours… the longest it has ever gone!

Here are some pictures….

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