Druids of the Light

November 26, 2018 Druid Linda General

Druids of the Light was officially accepted by the IRS on November 16, 2018 as a spiritual non-profit 501(c)3 incorporated in the state of Arizona. We are very excited about our new status, which brings a new element to the Druid Path – a new element that is thought by many to have been part of the ancient Druids, and yet, over the centuries, seems to have been lost in translation. The Druids were known as the Keepers of The Way, and that has many meanings. We aim to continue to be Keepers of The Way, as well as maintaining a devoted regard of the Earth and the cycles of Nature. We look behind the outer appearances to that which is deeper inside, and discover connections that lead us to greater wisdom, greater awareness, and greater heights of consciousness. We are being called to anchor the Light of the Heavens on Earth, in order to create a world of harmony and peace again.

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