The Sedona Summer Solstice Festival was awesome!

June 29, 2017 Druid Linda General

Woo hoo! The Sedona Summer Solstice Festival was simply wonderful. It flowed so well, and everything went without a hitch. Our speakers were really awesome and dynamic. Our musician, Jesse Kalu, is so talented! And we had our special guest, Halim Dunsky, directing our Universal Dances of Peace. It was a hit!

Our vendors were simply fantastic – very different than usual, not as much product. More hands-on stuff.

And of course, our catered lunch was out of this world!

We are already starting to plan the Sedona Winter Solstice Festival – to take place on December 16th, from 10am – 5pm, so stay tuned.

Just a couple of pictures; Uqualla and Jesse Kalu. We also had some great Facebook Live footage on the Unity of Sedona facebook page!

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